Hello, we are Blue Omega.
We make Games for Mobile, PC & Web.


We have created a number of games that range from massively multiplayer online games to amazingly fun mobile games. Below is a selection of the games that we have created.

  • sintel bedroom

    Terra Monsters 2

    The sequel to the first mobile Terra Monster game. Unlock the secrets of Afer or play against friends or foes online.

  • ishtar alley

    Horse Academy

    Horse Academy is an online multiplayer Horse breeding, training and racing game.

  • sintel snowscape

    Terra Monsters 1

    The first Mobile installment of Terra Monsters. Catch, Collect, Train and Battle over 100 Terra Monsters in this open world creature caputuring game.

  • sintel wallpaper ishtar

    Terra Monsters MMO

    This was the original Terra Monster game. A hugely popular massively multiplayer open world creature capturing game available on Facebook.

  • sintel town concept

    Racing Manager

    A small project we worked on in our 'downtime' a 3d racing management sim!

  • ishtar alley

    Test Pilot

    Our first foray into game development. In Test Pilot you must create a custom machine to complete the course. Made in 2009 and released on Armor Games.

  • About Us

    We're brothers from Cambridge, England and we've been making games, websites and most things on the web for the last 10 years. Feel free to contact us if you want to find out more.

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